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Infants Classroom

Silver Star Academy takes your child's safety very seriously.  We offer state-of-the check in and out system with finger print identification.  This ensures only those registered in our system can pick up your child from school.


We understand situations may happen so we also allow emergency contacts to be added to your profile.  It's fast, easy, and reliable! 


Toddlers Classroom

12 months to 17 months


Our Toddlers classroom is designed and equipped with everything needed to ensure that your child has a producitve and educational day. Click below to learn more.




Toddlers II Classroom

18 months to 24 months


Silver Star Academy offers nutritious meals for breakfast, snacks, and lunches.  We also offer a small evening snack for children whose parents pick them up after 5 pm. This ensures your child is not cranky or hungry when you arrive to get them.  Happy tummies make happy children! 




Early Pre-School Classroom

2 years to 2 1/2 years


Silver Star Academy has two well-equipped play areas for children to enjoy some fun in the sun. These areas are enclosed, gated areas to keep the children safe and sound. 



Preschool Classroom

3 - 3 1/2 years 


As your child grows, so does the level of educational efficiency here at Silver Star Academy. With carefully selected educators, we provide your child with a challenging, yet fun curriculum to have your toddler ready for Kindergarten!




Pre-K 3 Classroom

3 1/2 years to 4 years


Silver Star Academy segregates preschool classes by 6 month age groups.  This helps to ensure students can learn and develop seamlessly with their peers because the difference of 6 months in child development can be very broad.  




Pre-K 4 Classroom

4 years


Silver Star Academy offers convenient transportation to and from school.  Our drivers and vehicles are inspected to ensure the highest safety standards and practices. 




Before & Afterschool Classroom

5 years to 12 years


During school closings, Silver Star Academy offers convenient childcare for your school-age children at a co-pay of $30 per day.  This includes holidays (when Silver Star is open), teacher in-service days, an winter and spring breaks.



Summer Program

3 years to 12 years


Silver Star Academy's summer program is a lot of fun! We include several field trips such as visits to Splash Parks, Children's Museum, Nasa, and so much more!  Your child will enjoy their summer with friends and make great memories. 

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